Class 1A

Welcome to Class 1A –

Mrs Anderson’s Class

Spring Term 2018


Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely break. We have lots of exciting things planned for this term and the children are already looking forward to our trip to Jodrell Bank where we will learn more super facts linked to Space. Our topic is ‘Explorers’ and we will be looking at the first moon landing and the adventures of Christopher Columbus.

Please find more details about our curriculum below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Mrs Anderson


Our first core text will be ‘How to Catch a Star’. This story follows the dreams of a little boy who wanted a star of his own. The children’s imagination and creative thinking can flourish here when they think of ways to help the boy catch a star. Will he ever get one of his own?

The children will be encouraged to retell the story using some of their own ideas, whilst using the correct punctuation and spelling of key words. We will also be looking at joining words and clauses using “and”.

Our guided reading sessions will focus on retrieving information from the text and using inference to describe feelings of specific characters throughout the story. We link the core text to our reading sessions.

In Letters and sounds Year one will be learning:

  • The /v/ sound at the end of words.
  •  Compound words
  • The spelling rule for adding –s or –es as the plural marker for nouns.
  • Adding the prefix un- to a word and looking at how it changes the meaning.
  • The phonemes and graphemes: wh, ph, o_e, e_e, u_e, i_e, a_e
  •  Spelling the following common exception words correctly; you, your they, today, said ,was, were, come, some, love


Children must use the cursive print when writing and we will continue to focus on correct formation of individual letters with a specific emphasis on capital letters.



We will be developing our knowledge of addition and subtraction within twenty and the relationship between addition and subtraction. We will further our learning of place value and extend this to numbers up to fifty. This will also include counting in multiples of 2s, 5s, and 10s. Towards the end of term we will look at measure and this will include length and height, weight and volume.


We are focusing on Living things and their habitats. We will explore and compare the differences between things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive. Children will identify that most living things live in habitats and describe how different habitats provide for the needs of different plats and animals.

Foundation subjects

History – we are looking at the lives of significant individuals in the past along with events beyond living memory that are significant nationally and or globally. The children will look at the lives of the famous explorers, Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus and make comparisons between the two.

Geography – we will look at world maps and atlases and name the continents of the world, we will also develop our fieldwork skills.

Art – In Art we will be developing our painting skills by looking at the famous work, Starry Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. We will create our own piece of work linked to our core text.

D & T – we will look at mechanisms and how sliders and levers work. Children will have the opportunity to create their own moving picture using sliders and levers.


Children are to create their own pitched instrument and incorporate them into performances. Music is provided by Presto.


PE will take place on Monday and Thursday but in the event of poor weather this could change. Please make sure your child’s kit is in school every day. This term we will continue to use the Real PE scheme and focus on seated balance.

PSHE/British Values

We will explore relationships and keeping safe. We will also be looking at special people in our lives.

Themed days

World book day will take place in March – more details to follow.


There is an exciting opportunity planned to visit Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre.

1A – Wednesday 28th Feb

1B – Friday 2nd March

1C – Thursday 1st March


Homework will be given out on Friday and should be returned on Wednesday. It will alternate between maths and English. Spellings will also be given out on Friday and there is a short spelling activity that is due in on Wednesday along with homework.

Children should also read at least three times a week and their reading planners should be signed to confirm this along with any notes to inform teachers of how their child is getting along.

Tasks I can complete with my child at home which will help them improve over the half term

Maths passports are sent home and these objectives are currently being worked on in class. Children must be confident in recalling these facts and be able to apply known facts to solve problems.

Other important dates

Pupil progress meetings will be on Wednesday 14th February  and Thursday 15th February.

Mrs Anderson