Class 3L

Welcome to Class 3L –
Miss Moore’s Class

Spring Term 2018

Welcome back after the Christmas break. I hope you are rested and ready for another fantastic term. I am really looking forward to teaching 3L and working alongside you this year.

Our topic this term focuses on ‘Light and Sound’ Please look at the Lower Key Stage 2 page for details of what we will be learning in our curriculum subjects this term.

This term, the Year 3 core text will be ‘The Secret World of Polly Flint’ by Helen Cresswell. We are really excited about this book and can’t wait to get to grips with the interesting characters and vocabulary. ‘When she arrives in Wellow, Polly knows there is magic in the place. The story goes that if you put your ears to the ground on Sundays you can hear the church bells of the missing village of Grimstone. But Polly seems to be able to call up the village that has disappeared…’ A significant amount of our writing will be based around the themes we encounter in the text. We will be producing narrative, letters and descriptive writing based on the characters and settings. We will also continue to undertake weekly focused Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, linking our work closely to our core text where appropriate.

In Year 3, Maths is taught in differentiated sets. During the spring term, we will be covering the following mathematical areas: multiplication and division, statistics, length and perimeter and fractions. We will continue our regular focus on the four operations (+, -, ÷ and x) during our ‘4 a Day’ questions. Our reasoning and problem solving skills will be continually reinforced through our ‘Maths in Minutes’ daily activities.

Reading books and the planner must be brought into school each day. Please try to read with your child on a frequent basis; ten minutes a day makes such a difference. Please note in the planner when your child has read, the page number reached and any comment you may wish to make. Completed reading books will be changed when needed. If your child finishes a book, they may read their favourite part again or talk about the characters and the story. Children are expected to record the amount of times they have read every Friday on our class Reading Chart.

Homework is set on a weekly basis and will usually alternate between English and Maths. Sometimes it will be from another subject area and linked to our topic theme. Children will be given detailed verbal and written instructions which will allow you to assist them where required. Homework will also be noted in the planner.

P.E. will take place twice a week and although the class is allocated specific slots, changes do occur. For this reason, children should bring full correct indoor and outdoor kit (labelled) into school on Monday and leave in school until Friday when they can take it home if necessary. P.E. is part of the National Curriculum and children should take part. However, if a child is unable to take part, they must bring in a signed letter from home.

Parent helpers are always welcome. If you would like to assist our class on a regular basis (helping putting up displays, listening to children read etc.) please let me know.

If at anytime you have any questions or problems please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Miss L Moore