Class RF

Welcome Class RF –
Miss Fernyhough’s Class

Autumn Term 2017

Our children are settling quickly and happily into school life. They are making new friends and are enjoying exploring their new learning environment. Thank you to everyone who is helping during the part time sessions at the beginning of term. You are an instrumental in supporting our young children’s transition period into school.

Thank you

 Topic: All About Me

The first few weeks of term we will be getting to know each other. We will be talking about our likes and dislikes, families and hobbies as well as talking about our summer adventures. We will be working together to set rules and implement routines.

 Topic:  Travel and Transport

For the following part of this half term we will be learning all about Travel. How do we get from place to place? Which modes of transport do we use? Where did you go on your holidays this summer? How did you get there? Does anyone in your family drive or own an unusual form of transport? We would love to hear about it.

During Literacy lessons our children will be learning the story Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car. Mr Gumpy owns a vintage car. He decides to take it for a drive into the countryside with the children but all the animals want to go too. The car gets stuck in the mud and no one will help because they all have an excuse! Eventually they all agree to help and they get back home just in time for tea. If you are visiting the library you might want to look for stories or non –fiction books with a transport theme.

In Mathematics we will be counting and ordering numbers as well as adding the wheels on train carriages, making patterns with different forms of transport and carrying out a simple transport study of which vehicles go past our school!

In PE we will be learning to move in different directions and in different ways. In Music we will be learning how to keep a steady beat to songs, exploring in the Creative zone and using our imagination in role play.


The children will start bringing home their reading book soon. Please encourage the children to share their book with everyone. Practise is important. See the supporting information in the Literacy Section on this school website for more help. Please make sure, that the children bring their reading book and planner to school each day so that they can change their book. Please also tell me about other things that you have read during the week – posters, roads signs, comics, leaflets, recipes etc. Reading is lots of fun!

“Home/School books” are a great way of the teachers and the children in our class learn about you and your family. We enjoy learning about what the children have been doing at home. We would also like to hear about your “Wow” moments. These could be starting at Rainbows and saying your Promise, Swimming across the pool, learning to ride bikes without stabilisers, getting dressed by yourself, helping someone and much more. As with all this, it’s not a competition but we genuinely would like to know more.

Weekly Timetable

Monday – Please make sure your PE kit comes into school today Hand in Home/School book.

Tuesday – Reading books changed

Friday – It’s PE today. Home/School book goes home today. Reading books are changed.

A few messages for Parents

Your child’s planner should be checked everyday for messages both at school and at home. Please write a message when you hear your child read.

Could I please ask that you make sure your child has a waterproof coat everyday so as they are able to fully explore in the outdoor area.

If you have any questions or are unsure of anything please do not hesitate to speak to myself at the end of the day or pop in and make an appointment.

Miss Fernyhough