Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage

Welcome to The Early Years Foundation Stage at Barrow Hall Primary School

In the Foundation Stage area, there are three Reception classes:

RL – Mrs Claire Lawton (Foundation Stage Leader & Assistant Headteacher)
RF – Miss Hannah Fernyhough
RH – Mr George Howe
Part time teacher – Mrs Corina Price

In Foundation Stage the children’s learning is all planned in line with ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage’ guidance. All the activities and play opportunities encompass the seven areas of learning:

Prime Areas of Learning Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This is where children develop social skills, respect for others and a positive self image. It also includes the way children play and work together; how they share and interact in various situations and learning about other cultures. Communication and Language – this includes developing speaking and listening skills through role-play, stories and rhymes, talking to their peers and adults. Physical Development – this area is concerned with the development of fine motor skills e.g threading, cutting, drawing, painting, writing. Also, children’s large body movements e.g. running, balancing, climbing, throwing and catching. Children develop their skills of coordination, control, movement and manipulation indoors and outdoors.

Specific Areas of Learning Literacy

Learning to handle books, talk about stories in their reading book and to read. Also, writing their name, key words, lists, recounts of events and beginning to write captions and simple sentences. Mathematics – this is developing an understanding of mathematical areas such as number, calculating with numbers and shape, pattern and problem solving. Understanding of the World – this helps children to develop skills and understanding to make sense of the world around them. Learning about their past, people, environments and other cultures. Children also experience the technological world around them, e.g. using computers and programmable toys. Expressive Art and Design – children explore, learn and play using a wide variety art and craft activities. They express themselves through their art work, music, dance using all their senses.

Messages for Parents Milk and Fruit

All the children in Foundation Stage are offered milk and fruit every day.

Water bottles

Each child’s bottle should be clearly labeled with their name. Children are free to take a drink from their water bottle when they need one during the day. (A separate drink should be included in their lunch bag if necessary please).

P.E. kits

Should be brought in to school on a Monday and left on your child’s coat peg for the week. The P.E. kits will be sent home on a Friday for washing. Every once in a while, please check that your child’s pumps still fit.

Blue book bags

Children should bring their book bag to school every day. It is really useful to put letters in, to keep their reading book in and to take work home. Please DO NOT put water bottles in them as they can leak onto books.

Reading books

When you have read with your child, please record your comment in your child’s planner so that we know you have shared the books together.


This book is used as a messaging system between parents and school. Please encourage your child to hand it in with their reading book everyday so that we can check for your messages and we can add our own messages if necessary. We encourage you to look at them too.


Please make sure your child has a warm waterproof coat every day.

Times in the day:

9.05am: School Day Starts
11.45am – 12.45pm: Lunchtime
12.45pm: Start of afternoon session
3.25pm: School finishes
Assemblies take place every day at 3pm.