This page will explain to you the key principles that underpin how we teach Maths at Barrow Hall and the philosophy and ethos behind why we approach Maths in the way we do. There are a number of other supporting documents below which will also provide you with further information and that will help you to support your child with their Maths at home.

Why teach Maths?

Maths teaches us how to make sense of the world around us through developing a child’s ability to calculate, to reason and to solve problems. It enables children to understand and appreciate relationships and pattern in both number and space in their everyday lives. Through their growing knowledge and understanding, children learn to appreciate the contribution made by many people to the development and application of mathematics. Our Maths Policy will explain our key aims and how we deliver our Maths curriculum at Barrow Hall.

Our curriculum

We use the programmes of study from the National Curriculum as follows:

2014 – 2015:

Y2 and Y6 will follow the pre-2014 National Curriculum programmes of study.

After this they will follow the new National Curriculum Programmes of Study 2014 onwards:

Y1, 3, 4 and 5 will follow the programmes of study from the new National Curriculum Programmes of Study The objectives from the programmes of study in the new National Curriculum are presented as year group objectives. However, at Barrow Hall we believe in the key principle of teaching children according to their stage of development not necessarily their age. As such , the objectives from each year group may be taught at any time during a child’s life at Barrow Hall – but always according to their need and stage of development in Mathematical understanding. This is because we believe in a child focused approach to learning which addresses the individual needs of each child, according to their starting points and level of development in Mathematics. Their progress and attainment is closely tracked through our rigorous tracking system so that we can be sure of exactly what their starting point is and what progress they have made at any key point through their learning journey. In this way we know that we are delivering a curriculum that is relevant and appropriate to every child. As such, some objectives may be taught earlier than the suggested year , or they may be taught later – depending on the individual needs of the child. By the time the child has left Barrow Hall they will have been taught stage appropriate mathematical skills and understanding according to their level of development and, as such, will make good or better progress from their starting points over time.

How do we ensure that we have a broad and balanced curriculum in Maths?

We use the age related objectives from the programmes of study for Mathematics from the National Curriculum as outlined above and we deliver these objectives according to a child’s assessed need using the ‘Assertive Mentoring’ approach. This approach uses ongoing assessment closely linked to the objectives (half termly and weekly basic skills tests) as well as teacher’s own assessment to ensure that units of work are planned to deliver exactly what your child needs to learn at a level/stage appropriate to them. Each half term, based on the information from the assessment criteria a medium term plan is produced showing the key objectives that need to be covered for that half term. Teachers then use a variety of different mathematical schemes, programmes and resources to produce units of work based on the needs of individual children in their class/set. This generates a short term plan, which is a daily and weekly teaching program very closely matched to the needs of children at all levels, according to their assessed starting point. We believe this to be a very personalised approach to learning which allows us to address the needs of all pupils at all levels of their stages of development in mathematics. We believe that this approach allows us to challenge our pupils at all levels by providing them with learning opportunities that will stretch them further and help them to progress quickly. We do not believe in teaching what a child already knows just because it is in the programme of study for their year group – instead, we will move them quickly on to the next step of their learning, even if the objective falls into the following year group. Likewise, if a child has ‘gaps’ in their learning at a certain level, we will ensure that we offer them the support that will addresses these gaps, whether through a specific intervention programme or by drawing from objectives from the previous year group to do so.

Assessment is key to the success of our curriculum because it allows us to personalise learning to the needs of every child in Mathematics.

Please click here to view the assertive mentoring curriculum content for each stage:

Reception Stage 0
Year 1 Stage 1
Year 2 Stage 2
Year 3 Stage 3
Year 4 Stage 4
Year 5 Stage 5
Year 6 Stage 6

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