Class 2JR

Welcome to Class 2JR –
Miss Roach’s Class

Summer Term 2018

Hello and welcome 2JR

Welcome back to what will be an exciting final term. During this term we will explore a new theme called ‘Wonderful Warrington’. From the amazing, imaginative world of Alice in Wonderland to a visit from American pilots who were based on Burtonwood airbase where our school was built, we have lots of exciting activities planned. This term also includes one of your child’s highlights of their time at Barrow Hall…Burwardsley!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Many thanks, Miss Roach


Our first core text will be ‘Alice in Wonderland’. This well-known story follows Alice as she goes down the rabbit hole. She meets a variety of different characters on her adventure and she faces some tough decisions that will make for good discussions. The children’s imagination and creative thinking can flourish in this text.

The children will be encouraged to retell the story using some of their own ideas, whilst using the correct punctuation and spelling of key words. We will also be looking at punctuating sentences using a question mark or exclamation mark.

We will also be concentrating on:

  • Using interesting vocabulary and phrases to describe the characters and events
  • Using both familiar and new punctuation correctly; including full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks, question marks, commas for lists and apostrophes for contracted forms.
  • Using the present and past tenses correctly and consistently including the progressive form.
  • Using apostrophes for possession.
  • Using subordination (using when, if, that, or because) and co-ordination (using or, and, or but).

In Letters and sounds we will be:

  • tion
  • zh – treasure, television
  • spelling most common exception words*
  • • spelling most words with contracted forms*


Our guided reading sessions will focus on retrieving information from the text and using inference to describe feelings of specific characters throughout the story. We link the core text to our reading sessions.




  • using the diagonal and horizontal strokes needed to join letters in most of their writing.

Some children will be working towards their Pen Licence



Focus for this term –

  • Finding fractions of amounts.
  • Time: telling the time to 5 minutes
    Reading scales for measuring
    Further developing approaches to problem solving in a range of contexts
  • Measures – capacity and mass
  • Applying calculation and knowledge of place value to solve different problems
  • Use of bar model


We are focusing on plants and seasonal changes. We will explore different plants and look at the differences between evergreen and deciduous trees. Children will identify main parts of a plant and what plants need in order to grow.

Foundation subjects

History & Geography- we are looking at the lives of significant individuals in the past along with events beyond living memory and those that are significant, nationally and or globally. The children will look at the life of Lewis Carroll and we will explore our local area. As Lewis Carroll was born in Warrington, our History and Geography will link extremely well. We will continue to enhance our map and fieldwork skills.

During the term we have some exciting visitors coming from America to school. They will be talking to us about our local area and the fact that our new school is on the former Burtonwood Airbase site! We have many exciting activities planned for this event.


In Art we will be developing our printing skills by looking at the famous work by William Morris. This will be linked to our science work on plants and we will create our own design using his technique.

D & T

Here we will explore food technology and hope to prepare a fruit and or veg based snack. The skills required to prepare such a snack will be practised and perfected!


Children will be focusing on singing. The children will learn how their voices can be used to sing scales and how the notes of these scales are used to sing songs. They will continue to compose a song lyrically and musically and perform their composition so it can be recorded. Music is provided by Presto.


PE will take place on Tuesday and Thursday but in the event of poor weather this could change. Please make sure your child’s kit is in school every day. This term we will continue to use the Real PE scheme and focus on Ball skills and reaction and response.

PSHE/British Values

We will explore Living in the Wider World .Within this theme the opportunity to discuss and discover our rights and responsibilities will arise. We will also focus on how we look after our environment and issues involving money.


There is an exciting week of activities planned that will involve using our History skills to find out about Burtonwood Airbase. Our special visitors from America are hoping to touch down during this week! If you have any artefacts or family historical facts you could share with school we would be extremely grateful and please let Mrs Rudd know.

This amazing week will begin on 21st May.

Burwardsley residential – 18th / 19th and 22nd June


Homework will be given out on Friday and should be returned on Wednesday. It will alternate between maths and English. Spellings will also be given out on Friday and there is a short spelling activity that is due in on Wednesday along with homework.

Children should also read at least three times a week and their reading planners should be signed to confirm this, along with any notes to inform teachers of how their child is getting along.

Tasks I can complete with my child at home which will help them improve over the half term

Recall 2s, 3s, and 5s times table and corresponding division facts

Tell the time to 5 minutes.

Add and subtract two digit mentally

Other important dates

Statutory Assessments week commencing: 7.5.18

Pupil Progress Meetings will take place on; 18th & 19th July