Curriculum at Barrow Hall


At Barrow Hall, we follow the National Curriculum as a framework for our curriculum. However, we have carefully designed our provision to ensure that our children receive a curriculum that fulfils our school Vision, Mission Statement and Core Values.

Our curriculum aims to ensure our children are learning for life (i.e. they learn things that they remember for life AND are able to keep learning for the whole of their lives). Our learning experiences aim to develop long term, memorable knowledge and skills which can be applied flexibly. Therefore, our curriculum prioritises ALL curriculum subjects. This is because we know that long term, deeper knowledge grows when links are made between concepts, which build on prior knowledge and are applied in different contexts. This will mean that our children become lifelong learners.


Our curriculum is planned to facilitate links between learning (e.g. a whole class, high quality, challenging text related to the current foundation topic to enhance learning of key concepts, vocabulary, etc.). We have carefully identified the key learning for each subject in each year group to ensure that learning builds systematically on prior knowledge (available on school website). This is supported by brief, pre learning tasks which take place prior to planning for learning and teaching. Learning is then planned to ensure key learning is developed through imaginative, structured experiences. We know that a wide range of linked learning will create opportunities for our children to demonstrate and celebrate their strengths, as well as challenge all our children across the curriculum. Children are expected to become independent learners but also to celebrate difference by supporting and celebrating the learning and well being of ALL of their peers. By doing this, children will be equipped with the resilience, respect, ambition and happiness to follow their dreams.

How we know it works

As we have identified key learning in each subject and in each year group, we are able to evaluate how effectively our children are learning. Through developing and maintaining highly effective subject leaders across the school who are able to accurately evaluate their subject, as well as passionately promote and support it, we are able to ensure high standards across all subjects. Leaders are also able to identify subjects/Year Groups/Pupil Groups where additional support is needed. We also believe that high standards in assessments in Reading, Writing and Maths (twice annually) and Statutory Assessments is a key indicator of the long term effectiveness of our whole curriculum.

National Curriculum

Please click on the link to view the government website that details the statutory National Curriculum Primary and Secondary Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets. The National Curriculum is to be taught in all maintained primary and secondary schools in England from September 2014.

National Curriculum for September 2014

Our school is currently reviewing the curriculum and will have a Barrow Hall Curriculum Overview published ready for July 2014 in readiness for September 2014, the new academic year.

Below is a list of the Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets for the National Curriculum subjects with each subject linking to the relevant area of the curriculum website.

All schools are required to teach Religious Education.

Curriculum Policy Statement

Please click on the link to view or download our Curriculum Policy Statement:

Curriculum Policy

Curriculum Plans

Autumn Term

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