School Council


At Barrow Hall we believe that the children should be involved in the development of the school and that they have a “voice”. We also believe that by giving them responsibility, we are helping towards their personal development.

Involving the children in important decision-making that would directly affect them, means they feel we value their opinion and they are happier with the final decision.

The School Council is, perhaps, the most formal example of the “democracy in action” approach we adopt with the children.

Barrow Hall has formed a School Council which is made up of elected class representatives from Years 2 to 6. The School Council meets regularly to discuss items suggested by the class council meetings, and this covers a wide range of subjects.

The Council produces minutes at each meeting and any decisions made are fed back to the rest of the school. The Council also meets regularly with the Headteacher to discuss any subjects which need his advice.

School Council Mission

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