What We Have Achieved

In conjunction with the Head Teacher and other staff at the school some of our achievements include the following:

Learning Achievements

  • With the help, support and involvement of all the staff, pupils and parents of the school, achieved ‘good’ from Ofsted with some areas of ‘outstanding’
  • Established close and effective relationships with other schools, providing support to each other to further develop each other’s schools
  • Further raised the consistency in quality of teaching through Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) and Recently Qualified Teacher (RQT) programmes
  • Ensured effective and focused continuous professional development (CPD) on guided reading and talk for writing
  • Further raised standards in reading by:
    – implementing a structured and focused whole school CPD programme
    – reviewing the teaching of Guided Reading
    – making a significant investment in new reading books throughout school
  • Improved provision for all our pupils by:
    – appointing a specialist SEN consultant to work with staff and pupils on a weekly basis
    – reviewing and extending the range of strategies and interventions used to meet the needs of all pupils, including our most able pupils
    – investing in additional resources to support the education of individuals and groups of pupils
  • Further improved the safety and well being of our pupils by:
    – forming a Safeguarding Team including staff from a range of roles in school who meet weekly to ensure effective support for vulnerable pupils
  • Development of the School Improvement Plan
  • Restructured the school staffing, including a new Headteacher and revised Senior Leadership Team, to ensure a closer focus on teaching and learning and long term financial stability
  • Remodelling of the school reports

Premises Achievements
Worked closely with the local authority to ensure that the plans for a new school building go ahead and worked with the school team and the project team to ensure that the school building was completed on time for the 2016/17 school year.

Other Achievements

  • Ensured the school has remained on a sound financial footing