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    E-safety News & Information
    Instagram: Video selfies trial to verify age of teens
    Instagram is exploring new ways for teenagers to verify their age and comply with platform rules.
    Story from: BBC News 28 Jun 2022
    New data laws to boost British business, protect consumers and seize the...
    Data Reform Bill will increase financial penalties for those pestering people with nuisance calls and minimise number...
    Story from: Gov.uk 28 Jun 2022
    Digital fingerprints of a million child abuse images made
    A new system for classifying images will help stop them being shared online, a UK charity says.
    Story from: BBC News 07 Jun 2022
    Cyber Security Focus - 2. A Guide to Protecting Your Online Identity
    Your online identity is at risk. In a world where we’re all spending more time online, we’re building increasingly...
    Story from Safeguarding Essentials - 16 Jun 2022
    Cyber Security Focus - 1. Passwords and Beyond
    In the first article in our 'Cyber Security Focus' series we look at passwords and the move towards two or three...
    Story from Safeguarding Essentials - 31 Mar 2022
    What’s going on with Facebook?
    Facebook has been in the news quite a lot recently, there have been allegations, investigations and corporate...
    Story from Safeguarding Essentials - 01 Dec 2021


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