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Mission Statement, Vision and Values



We are proud of our longstanding school motto:

‘We are here to feel secure, be valued and to learn’.

This is well established with children throughout Barrow Hall.

In Autumn 2023, through discussions with children, teachers, support staff and governors, we revised our school values:

We promote the four core values of

Respect, Kindness, Positive Attutides and Ambition

in all we do at Barrow Hall.

We have identified ten key behaviour rules which our children are taught when they start at Barrow Hall and are reinforced at all times.

These are:

* We always look after each other

* We use manners at all times and to everyone

* We always take responsibiity for our own behaviour

* We walk around school quietly

* We take pride in our school environment and keep it tidy

* We put up our hands when we want to say something and listen to others when they are talking

* We come to school prepared

* We work hard and try our best at everything we do

* We always tell the truth

* We wear our uniform with pride and always look our best

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